Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dirty Words Only

Who could even attempt to argue with me when I say that NWA is one of the best hip hop acts of all time? I mean, hell, we got EZ-E, Dre and Ice Cube all from this one band.
So, what I present now will be truly awful to some, but it's truly wonderful to me, and quite hilarious as well.

Some fine fellow took the now legendary Straight Outta Compton and edited out everything but the words that would earn it it's "Explicit Content" label.

If you're an immature simp like I am you will delight in hearing the amazing string of obscenities without any of those pesky polite words getting in your way.

Click here to enjoy it for yourself.

And do check back soon. Coming up: Boiled Peanuts, 5o Year Old Biscuits and some Aerosol madness.

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