Friday, March 16, 2007

Crying Baby on Toilet

The piece that started it all.

Brett, where did you find this damned thing?

Brett excitedly presented this monstrosity and I accepted it, much to my poor girlfriend's chagrin, but I pledged revenge.

Look at it. It's beautiful. First, the child is still wearing her diapers (pink diapers, so it must be a girl?) while sitting on the toilet so the training isn't going too well. Thing get worse as she has fallen into the toilet. It would seem the toilet was full of milk, milk that is for some reason foaming out of the toilet.

It's the little details that really make this special; the hand clutching the yellow roll of toilet paper, the two white tears streaming down each cheek and the fact that the little statue is made out some sort of painted plastic.

Did I mention it's a bank? Insert the coins in the back. Could your quarters be any safer? Thanks Brett, you son of a bitch.

In a couple of months we'll have many of our treasures up on e-bay, but this little gem will stay right where it belongs, in a display case in my hallway, except when my girlfriend takes it and hides it, but I usually find it again pretty quickly.

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