Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Awful Links

Just getting started here. We plan on this becoming the definitive list of Awful. Keep checking Back

Other Sites Celebrating The Awful
Awful (and real) Star Wars collectibles
Blender Mag's Awful Music
More Awful Music
Awful Religious Stuff
Awful Commercials
Awful Album Covers
They have some great awful lists
Awful Sex Scenes
Awful Lunch Boxes
Awful Movie Titles
Awful Movie Characters
Awful Pulp Fiction Books

Our Sites home to Keith's many blogs Is Brett a furry?

Fine folks who've linked to our site
Wikipedia's Maco Toy Entry
Insight on Capitol Public Radio
Extreme Fajita
Giggle Sugar
A Whole Lotta Nothing


Awful Commercials said...

awful commercials?

KLJ said...

Added it. Thanks.

Cali Punk Rock Girl said...

Museum of Bad Album Covers

KLJ said...

Thanks cprg. I added the link right away.

And Awful Commercials, I hope you noticed, we got you linked up there too.