Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jihad This

My goodness, has it really been since April 1st that we posted? Damn, Brett really sucks.

We have to come back with something really strong of course which is why I was so glad when Heckasac posted this little number.

It says so much so simply. It is America summed up in one image and two words and stuck on a button. I love it.

I found it for sale at RepublicanMarket.com (of course I did) and I had no choice but to immediately order a gross.

Ah Holy War, aint it a kick in the pants? The first eagle's I saw after 9-11 were all shedding the singly glossy tear. Now they're done crying and they aint gonna take no more shit!

This lovely product reminds me of my childhood, when I could actually win a "Kill a Commie for your Mommy" painted mirror at the county fair, or at least most kids could. I was terrible at ALL fair games, even the easy ones with the shitty prizes that were put there to keep hope alive.

Another item that comes to mind is the great "Ayatollah is an Assahola" bumper stickers. My father, pinko liberal that he is, once asked our neighborhood Ice Cream man to reconsider whether that sticker really belonged on an ice cream truck next to the add for Push Up Pops.

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