Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Vitamin P

Like all good children's entertainers I am a chronic insomniac, so much of my nights are spent knitting, reenacting the civil war and of course watching lots of late night infomercials.

One of my favorites is late night heath quack Dr. Syd. The good doctor has given us some real gems such as super green algae tooth paste and Scrub-O's the colon cleansing cereal. My little friend in the box is peddling a new health aid, vitamin P.

As Americans we have gotten so far from the land that we are forced to supplement the vitamin content of our food, pack ourselves in to gyms to simulate the labor we no longer do, we even buy light bulbs to replace the sunlight that we don't get enough of. So is it really a stretch to say we aren't getting enough bacteria in our diets? What better bacteria could there be than that found in the guts of those super digesters the New Guinea shrew. The New Guinea shrew will eat their body weight every day and yet never get fat. Amazing! You can drop pounds while watching Dr. Syd's infomercials from the comfort of your couch by simply ingesting shrew droppings. A better you with the power of poo!