Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who Are We?

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Brett Wilson lives in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Hollywood California. Brett's home is a tiny little apartment full of reptiles and bugs. He really doesn't have room for the awful stuff that Keith keeps giving him, but of course he will not concede defeat.

Brett makes his living showing his animals to kids at Birthday Parties, Schools and Babtisms. See,

Brett's apartment is located in Wilton Place, an amazing apartment building full of artists, musicians and assorted other poor people. Officially Wilton Place is a no pets building.

Keith Lowell Jensen lives with his fiance Bryna in Sacramento California where he performs comedy both on his own and with the troupe, I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy.

Keith spends WAY too much time online maintaining numerous blogs all of which can be accessed via his homepage
He somehow still finds time to panhandle.

Bryna has threatened to leave Keith if he accepts any more awful stuff, but she herself has found some of the worse things now occupying Brett's collection. Ah, the complexities of a good woman.

Brett and Keith met when Brett and his 1st x-wife walked by Keith's house after ingesting l.s.d. Keith invited the total strangers up to "see his water puppies." Brett then had Keith over to "see his bearded dragons, leopard geckos, water monitors, snakes, white's tree frogs and more." The two have been pals ever since, even though Brett once evicted Keith from a room he'd rented him as Keith annoyed the Mrs. Eventually he wizened up and lost that Mrs, and several more since.

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RetroB said...

Dear Brett & Keith,
I love you guys' blog so much I posted it as my link on Facebook. More Truly Awful Stuff is needed! I eagerly await your next post.

My own blog needs a posting, though, too.