Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Unicorn Magic

It's a clock! It's a mirror! It's a psychedelic unicorn light show, and you know that's groovey baby. Brett presented this to me on my most recent visit to LA. We had it plugged in and hanging in the tree durring our bbq. The same bbq where Brett ate deep fried, bbq'd bull testicals. That story is coming soon.
Here you see the beautiful unicorn clock posed along side the Anatomically Correct Pegacorn Clock, another of Brett's wonderful gifts.
Notice this awesome unicorn image is repeated FIVE TIMES on this one clock. Also note the entire surface is one smooth piece of glass. This baby was just made for snortin' big ol' lines off of before heading to the neighbors hot tubbin' key party.
Here's the worst youtube video ever. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth Of July

Plenty of fun items for celebrating your fervent patriotism. First up are these enemies of America doggie chew ties. Let Fido do what our leaders and soldiers cannot.

This conservative blog where I found them doesn't necessarily think these are awful and he gives the largest amount of space to the greatest enemy of America, Hillary Clinton! good stuff.

For the more liberal amongst us we can celebrate the modern face of America, happily, with this PATRIOTIC PI√ĎATA. The best thing about it is that it was most likely made in Taiwan. You can purchase it through the "Oriental Trading Company."

And lastly, a big eyed kid statue. I love me a big eyed kid statue. Look at the cute li'l guy. He can't wait to pass some bullets through a cute li'l Iraqi (or Korean, or Iranian, or, ah never mind, I'll be here all day.)

Happy fourth everybody.