Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hit me baby one more time

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"Hit me baby one more time." sings the tinny voice out of the far too small speaker as the boxing glove clad hands piston in and out followed by the almost but not quite rhythmic side to side movement of the head.

"HIT ME baby one more time!" What a
great jingle for domestic violence I think to myself and contemplate taking the plush green frog up on her offer.

This is by far the most insidious of all the gifts given to me by Keith not simply because it is so horrid but because it is also irresistible. Everyone who walks past it can not resist bringing this fuzzy green monstrosity to life.


KLJ said...

We need film of this one. The head movement must be seen to be believed.

Anonymous said...

This is obviously an older model Britney Frog, it still has hair. I recommend adding extensions to bring this piece of awful current.