Monday, February 11, 2008

Pee & Poo Plush Toys

Kids love plush toys and they love pee and poo..... like chocolate and peanut butter these two things where just destined to wind up in the same box (Oh shut it! You know what I mean.)
But it is so much more then just stuffed toys. The Pee & Poo line includes T-shirts, socks, key chains and of course underwear.
Hey folks Valentines day is coming and everyone knows red hearts are so passe. Why not let your sweetie know how you feel with a love poem scribbled under a stinky rainbow .
Do not believe for even one second that I think of Pee & Poo as awful! I adore them and you can rest assured that if I have anything to say about it all of my nieces and nephews will drift off to dream land with finger paint stained digits clasped firmly around the fuzzy waste product of their choice.

Explore the world of Pee and Poo for yourself and send a Pee and Poo e-card by visiting:

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