Thursday, May 10, 2007

Truly Awful One-Upsmanship

Stardate: 5.9.2007

12:46pm (que spacey music here) - I glide majestically about the ruddy streets of Hollywood on my brand new battery powered electric scooter. Dangling from my right ear whine the melodic tones of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, pumping out of my 60gb video iPod. Crammed into my left ear is a state of the art Samsung Bluetooth wireless headset connected to Palm's latest flagship pda, the Treo 700p, which I purchased because the previous pda proved to be incompatible with my new dual core desktop PC. In short, my e-penis is huge.

I stop to wirelessly read Keith's latest offering on the Blog, with Macho Man Randy Savage staring back at me from the hi-resolution screen, I give Keith a call.

Keith: "Hello?"
Brett: "Okay, I've graduated from Nerd to Super Nerd."
Keith: "Oh yeah? Do you have a Blog called '' sponsored by Sea Monkeys?"

E-penis shrivels. You bastard.

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