Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Court Case Aerosol Spray

Johny law got ya down?

Were you arrested for crossing state lines in a stolen car with 14 pounds of marijuana and an unlicensed hand gun.....

I know it may seem hopeless my friend but there is an answer.

Farmacia Million Dollar's staff of "aerosol espiritual" experts have put the scent back in innocent. One whiff and the judge will say "that smells like a free man."

I found this little gem a few weeks back in a downtown Los Angeles farmacia. Our beloved court case spray was nestled in with uneven rows of aerosols claiming to do everything from remove curses to make your man submit to you.

Sorry Keith I know you go on trial next week for pressing your butt checks to the tinted windows of a gubernatorial motorcade but the USPS forbids sending aerosol cans through the mail so you will have to try and to get by on your charm and good looks.

In other words; I'll come see you in jail.

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