Monday, December 17, 2007

Two Ginger Bread Girls, One Cup...

and one happy gingerbread man.

Thanks to K.M. Meenie for bringing this to our attention. Apparently Nik from Kill Everything was doing a bit of Christmas shopping when he spotted this little gem.

The more you look at it the more wrong it is. There was no price tag but Nik knows a good thing when he sees one and so he made for the register with his treasure ready to pay any price.

The cashier, no doubt full of holiday cheer, and those of you who've worked retail during the holidays know what a cheery thing that is with the pushy customers and Hall and Oats' version of Jingle Bell Rock blastin' all day, ack, gives me flashbacks just thinking about, anyway this cashier grabs two similar items and goes with the lowest price, Fifty Cents! My God! It's like scoring the Mona Lisa for a nickel.

One ginger stud enjoys a bit of erotic food play with a couple of hot ginger chicas and he's might happy about it. Look at how damn happy he is about it. That is one happy, gingerbread man.

Of course, this might be three ladies. Once a ginger person is naked they're pretty androgynous, unless my cousin Thomas the pervert is baking them but I don't think they let him bake where he is.

This looks like a mass produced item, and I gotta tell you, I want one. If anyone out there can find us one for our collection it will be a Merry Christmas indeed.

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Brett said...

wow.. just wow