Monday, October 27, 2008

Hookers, A Great Gift Idea

Seeing the front of this pack of Hookers you might think, "Alright Keith, you are soooo immature, they are just hooks for carrying your skis. Grow up already."
And I could hear you saying that (you condescending bastard) but I AM immature and so could not resist taking a better look whilst giggling to myself "Tee hee, hookers, tee hee, it says hookers."

Take a peek at the BACK Side of this nice little package and then tell me that someone, somewhere along the line did not know damn well what they were doing!!!

And there's one sexy little ski bunny, who probably had no idea that she was filling that sweater in order to appear along side such text. "A Great Gift Idea" indeed. "TEE HEE" INDEED!!!

Now then, please go back and reread this post so you can giggle at me telling you to look at the backside of the Hookers. Teee heee. I even made reference to the Hookers' nice package! BWA HA HA HA! Okay, so maybe I am a bit immature, just a bit. Hookers!

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