Friday, October 24, 2008

The Worst Toy Ever?

Before you read any further, click the above graphic and read this amazing ad.
You're back? WOW! Wild eh? And yes, it is real. "Don't worry, this is New York. Nobody will help her." Great stuff.

What kid wouldn't want his own little torture chamber? There were eight "Monster Scenes" sets including one titled "The Pain Parlor." The most shocking and most important is of course, "The Victim"
What can you say about a company that sells to kids with a tag line like "Rated X... for Exitement?"
So how the hell did Aurora get away with this one? Well, they didn't; not for long...

"Massive protests against the kits came from religious publications and general newspapers, since they all thought that it promoted sex and sadism among children. All the negative publicity led to an immediate stop of production for these kits in May 1971, by the company which now had new owners: Nabisco Inc.
The kits remaining on the toy store shelves led to new protests in November, this time outside Nabisco's headquarters in New York. These protests held by groups as: Parents for Responsibility in the Toy Industry, and National Organization for Women, resulted in a recall of the Monster Scenes kits from store shelves in the U.S.

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Anonymous said...

wow here is where the training comes from for our kiddnappers, rappist, and killers, GREAT! :|

Toyoverlord said...

Ah yes, the perfect tourist ad to draw in the crowds!

just a bit disturbing.

Anonymous said...

...Not to mention that they actually included a figure whose entire role, purpose, identity, and name were all "girl victim".