Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ropeless Rope?

This is amazing. People will buy anything. I couldn't possibly do this thing justice. You must see it for yourself at JumpSnap.com.

The video is priceless. I love that it's a space saving device. What jump rope takes up more space than these goofy handles with the twirly bits and "onboard computer?" But even better is that they're getting $60 for these things! That's $30 per handle!

Any investors out there want to help me market my bikeless bike? It comes with two pedals that you strap to your feet, and two handlebar grips that you hold while lying on your back and pedaling your Bikeless Bike©. It's very versatile. Hold the handles in any position, cruiser, ten speed, recumbent, it's like having a whole fleet of bicycles in one.

I'm sure I can sell a gross of my Bikeless Bikes© to this guy:

Thanks to Patrick who found this linked from www.reddit.com.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but I'm waiting for the weightless weights or the waterless swimming pool.

KLJ said...

I'll send you one of each. Hey look, you already recieved 'em, no postage due.

Dani said...

That really looks like a Japanese sex toy.

I'm just sayin'.