Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Kid's Eye View of O'Reily For Kids

Click here to read our original post about the awful idea that is an O'Reilly Book for kids.
Now watch the video to hear an actual kid who has read the book use it to make O'Reilly look quite the fool on his own show.

Click here for our post on the Awful book Why Mommy Is A Democrat.


Wil said...

What a chump! O'Reilly got schooled by the schoolboy! I love how Bill is oblivious to the fact that this kid has just done to him what he tried to do to the presenters at the school assembly.

Anonymous said...

Are ALL the guys in the school gay or just these two little queens?

KLJ said...

Thanks Wil.

No thank anon. I take it you don't have much to be proud of. Well, at least you're not gay, that's something, right?
You shame yourself.