Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why Mommy is A Democrat

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O'Reilly's kids book was pretty hilarious. Of course, it's just as awful and riotously funny when the other side decides to brainwash their young uns. And with this fine example they seem to be going for the very young uns.

Why squirrels? Come on guys, your symbol is a donkey, yeah, an ass. Now you have the opportunity to pick another animal to be associated with and you blow it again. You're just inviting words like "Squirrelly" and many references to nuts.

Okay, I will give them points for making it an elephant that mommy's keeping the babies safe from.

The elephant should have a "Pave The Rain Forest" sticker on it's ass, just to drive the point all the way home.

Uh, mommy makes the kids go to school also or mommy goes also? This page is not well written, no Pulitzer.

But that's not the important part. As a kid, I always hated whoever I blamed for making me go to school. Grrrrr, I still hate those bastard. What? It was the Dems? I guess I'll be voting 3rd party this year.

Democrats share their toys? With each other maybe, and with the lobbyists who buy them the toys. I don't know about you, but I don't get invited to play with these toys too often myself.

I think this book and the O'Reilly book should be sold together as the ultimate gift pack. It could be the fruitcake of the younger set, passed from kid to kid, never being read, forever regifted.

Come on people, whatever happened to Dr. Seuss or Go Dog Go or Nixon reads Mein Kampf for Tots?

Of course the best thing about these graphics is HOW very inviting they are for photoshopping. So please, let's see what you can do eh? And hopefully soon we'll feature some skewed versions of these darling pages. If you're photoshop is chosen as the best, you'll receive:
  • Accolades! No postage required
  • Increased Self Esteem! (Dry clean only.)
  • Fame and Fortune on a verry smal scale.
Good Luck!

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