Sunday, October 7, 2007

Clown Beer Club Sign

Behold I give you the holy grail......

I recently moved from Hollywood to downtown LA, which you may or might know is the epicenter of crap for North America. One block from my new home is the historic Toy District where from cramped booths merchants peddle everything from truck mud flaps to religious themed figurines. No lie I bought a wallet made from "genuine Indian leather"(just think about it for a second.)

There is no shortage of real gems in the Toy District however I do believe I have found the apex of awful in the Beer Club neon clown sign. What in the high holy hell kind of club would you find this sign hanging in? Clown bar? A Pub catering to alcoholic 7 year olds?

I looked at the clown longer, and when I started to feel like he was flirting with me I decided it was time to go home. I mean, if he still feels the same later, when he's sober, we can talk.

So is this beauty going to be hanging in the Jensen rumpus room?....

I would have normally, sadly thought No. With it's price tag of $190 it is a bit out of my usual range, however it does occur to me that Mr. Jensen and his lovely (and evil) girlfriend Bryna have a wedding coming up. Such an occasion does require something special. Hmmmm?

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