Wednesday, October 17, 2007


What? And you thought that we Americans, with our Ayatollah is an Ass-a-hola t-shirts, our "Fuck Justice, I want Revenge" bumper stickers and our patriotic doggy chew toys, had a monopoly on this kind of tackiness. No way.

This first small lighter with Osama's image in raised chrome and a little diagram of the impending attack gets even better (or worse) when you open the lid. Yes, the red spot marking the planes contact point with the building lights up. At this point you've got some seriously world class awful, but we're not done yet. The thing plays a loud, electronic loop of Mozart! Read more about it here.

Of course, we need a coffee table version of the Osama lighter. What stylish hideout would be complete with out this? You would expect that the buildings would burst into flames to light your cigar, but no, Osama's head actually catches on fire leading me to wonder just who the target audience is for this one. Read more about it here.

Now of course, lighters are not the only item catering to the Osama as hero market. In fact he's been given an honor that I've previously seen bestowed upon Santa Clause and James Brown. Yes, he has his own singing and dancing Osama doll.
I would do most anything to know the lyrics to the song it sings.

The next time China complains about our friendliness with the Dalai Lama we should ask about this little gem which was made in China, presumably in a state run factory. But they also make a singing, dancing American bomb squad hero doll so it all balances out yeah?


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