Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Eagles

Clocks seem to bear the unfair brunt of hideous art. It is as if the sculptor or painter realizing their limited artistic ability have confined their art to the form of utilitarian. I imagine a bright eyed understudy working in a remote Italian villa. "But master" says the neophyte sculptor "fish... I can only craft fish." The master regards him wearily “how do you feel about banks?”

The eagles represent a multi tiered tragedy. The first of which would be the artist sitting down to his work table a lump of clay resting before him representing an endless multitude of possibilities. He takes a long drink of his breakfast Pabst and says to himself “I have it ….. EAGLES!”.

The next and perhaps most dismaying tragedy inherent in this item is that it represents an escalation. Not only was this item part of pair of items gifted me at the same time, a gross breech of protocol, but that it was selected by Bryna!

In any war it’s the family who suffers. I watch as the small eagle pendulums back and forth and I think not of majestic avian in flight, rather I think of collateral damage and a woman’s fall from grace……..


Keith Lowell Jensen said...

We gave you two because you gave us TWO ponies. So what if they were attached.
Now, you my argue that we gave you THREE Eagles, that'd be just like you you son of a bitch, but remember a bird in the hand is worth three on the clock, and two ponies in your pocket some of them used, and I started to think of all the jockies who were there before me.
BUT it was Saturday Night, I guess that makes it all right....

Junior said...

From your title, I thought you re-gifted the Eagles Box Set to Brett.....You better still have that thing......also, is all awful stuff made of ceramic?

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Ah man, I think Truly Awful Stuff may have started with you, you son of a bitch.
Junior gave me an Eagles box set, an EXPENSIVE Eagles box set, knowing that they're my least favorite band with DC Talk at a distant second. It's okay though, I don't think he paid for it. Don't ask, don't tell is my policy and presents.

VO Goddess said...

These Eagles are truly awful, they must be witnessed in person to have their truly awfulness appreciated. Don Henley, he too is truly awful!

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Don Henley is the patron saint of Awful.