Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bobblehead Monkey Picture Frame with Cowboy

I am deeply hesitant to refer to this item as awful as I love it so much. The frame, which came to me along with The Eagles Clock, is truly a 3 dimensional non sequitur.

Taken one at a time the elements that make up this little gem are largely unremarkable but blend them together and you are left with the benchmark by which bizarre items will hence forward be judged.

Sure the notorious Elvis-Last-Supper painting is odd, but is it "bobblehead monkey frame featuring a random cowboy" strange?

I think not.

I would like to note the picture in the frame came with it. This item was in no way doctored leaving us to ponder this question; Was the random cowboy just something they had sitting around or was there some thought given adding him into the frame?

The random cowboy made his arduous journey from China nestled safely behind a thin layer of polyurethane sheeting all the while his ever vigilant simian companion seeming to nod out the message “Hang in there little random cowboy, in America we will be loved!"

And they are.
(A little aside; I had never actually seen an Elvis last supper painting and was using it to make a point. How ever I googled it and found not one but many. Arbor day is coming soon and nothing says happy tree day like The King.)


KLJ said...

WTF? You're not allowed to LOVE it.
We gave that to you to make your life as miserable as you've made ours. How dare you love it. When I visit again, I'm taking it back.

VO Goddess said...

Personally, I'm "bananas" for the Monkey!

KLJ said...

Bananas Eh?
Well, it is quite a-peel-ing.