Saturday, March 17, 2007

Teenage Jesus

This one's on my wishlist. I want so badly to buy a print of this and see it hanging on Brett's wall. At Twenty bucks plus shipping this would be one of the more expensive gifts and I can't help thinking it would meet with an "accident" pretty darn quick. There's also the serious problem that Brett lives in Southern California where tacky religious art exists in great abundance. His revenge would be swift and dramatic I have no doubt. I know he had his eye on a life size plaster crucifix painted in pastels at one time.

I found this when I saw a Google ad on my website, which read "Jesus was a teenager. What's up with that?" I had to know.

I'm glad I risked a click. Look at the amazing piece of art I would have missed. Thank you Google, Thank you.

I can't decide what I like best, his belly gang tattoo (it says Apostles), the goth/drag girlfriend or the fact that he seems to be practicing his crucifixion posture.

To really appreciate the painting though you've got to check out the utterly sincere website. Teenage Jesus, coming soon to Brett's wall.

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