Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Leg

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This was a garage sale find.

By the time I found this Brett and I were starting to dread our little game and we would dodge each other if we knew a new "gift" was floating around.

I'm ashamed to say Brett has successfully dodged this one for over a year. I've given him many other presents in that time, but the only way I'll get this to him is if I remember to make him take it when he visits me in Sacramento, as I will not give up my limited luggage space to bring it to him on my visits to LA; not when I can fit two or three other monstrosities in the same space.

This is a real prosthetic leg complete with stump grime (see overhead photo.) It is, so far, my girlfriends least favorite awful thing but she won't put it in her luggage either. She won't go near it.

In a couple of months, when we start our ebay auctions I think this little beauty may be the first to go. The stump grime should be a big selling point. I really like saying stump grime. I think maybe that should go on a t-shirt, stump grime.

PS: Stump Grime!


kiny said...

stump grime makes me wooooozy.....

Mattie said...

Um, if you wanted to sell this to someone who might want to, um, maybe make something out of it, like maybe a lamp, say, uhhh, how much would you take for it? Just curious, that's all.

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Well, many of our items will be put of for adoption. It is our goal that each item find a good, loving home. E-bay will help us with this. They're good that way.

Maybe we could come up with a deal. Would you plan on selling the lamp when you're done with it? Perhaps we could help you along those lines and split the... um... you know, the adoption fees. :)

In fact, we should do a feature on your doo-doo and Colonoscopy quilts. Those are so wonderfully awful.

If you're hoping to keep the lamp, well we'd keep your fees low. I know you're one to provide a particularly good home.

Mattie said...

Now I'm thinking it might make a good table instead of a lamp. Oh, the possibilities are endless. Anyway, yes, I would offer the objet d'art for sale, but finding a buyer for it would be tricky. When you're ready to adopt it out, we can talk...