Thursday, April 12, 2007

Framed Autographed Colonoscopy Photo

Click to enlarge image at your own risk.
To be honest with you I'm unclear as to whether the message “Wish you where here” is an invitation carrying homo-erotic overtones or if it alludes to our dear Keith Lowell Jensen’s desire to consume me.
As he signs off on his emails “writer comedian, zombie” I’m going to have to go with the later.

Regardless of intent there is one thing that is abundantly clear; Keith’s colon is not a place I would chose to hold a bar mitzvah. The troubling thing about this gift is finding the right place in your home to hang such a thing.

Oh sure you can take the easy way out and put it in the bathroom but to me that seems so negative, focusing only on the waste portion of the digestive system. A walk in closet, the hall, the bedroom; none of these places seemed to capture the spirit of this little beauty.
I wanted to focus on the positive aspects of the colon, to really embrace the concept that all life is made possible by this amazing organ. So as I prepared vegan sushi last night for my lovely girlfriend I did it staring squarely into the bowels of Keith.

I’m sure as you read this you are wondering "How can I get one of these for my kitchen?" Well my dear friends you are in luck. All you need to do is send us a picture of your awful stuff and cross your fingers. Our "Awful of the Month" winner will receive their very own autographed picture of Keith’s guts.

(To send us your awful, you can email us at or post to the comments section at Good luck)


VO Goddess said...

Not sure I could ever eat again if I saw that picture close up and in person! ha

Mattie said...

I've seen that image looks so it was in my studio and I made something out of it...hmmmm???

KLJ said...

Yeah, Bret wrote the post, not me.
I'd have totally told about your KLJ's Colon Quilt.
And I will explain about you're art SOON. Any pictures of the leg yet?

eMerly said...

Keith, you told me you put little toy soldiers up there to surprise your doctor with a gift. You lied!