Sunday, April 15, 2007

Infernal Majesty "None Shall Defy"

Satan commands you to click images to enlarge
Jessie has an awful album. I'm sure I have a worse one. We've been fighting about this for years.

Jessie's awful album is Infernal Majesty's "None Shall Defy."

If my album, a comp titled "Born to Metalize" wasn't so incredibly awful I wouldn't dare challenge Jessie.

After all, Infernal Majesty does thank Satan in their liner notes. And they do have a guy named "Psycopath" who combines a long white-guy afro with Buddy Holly glasses and Corey Feldman looks.

And they include their lyrics:
Lead us into hell
Ah ah, Ah ah, Ah ah, Ah ah
Ah ah, Ah ah, Ah ah, Ah ah
Ah ah, Ah ah, Ah ah, Ah ah
Ah ah, Ah ah, Ah ah, Ah ah"

Notice that it took TWO of them to write that. Did Psycopath come up with "Satan, Satan, Satan, Satan" and then Nemes was all, "Yeah dude, totally, and then how about 'Lead us into hell, Ah ah Ah ah Ah ah...?'"

You'll be glad to note, the songs are published through ASCAP. If you want to record a cover, or use the music at your wedding finding the rights will be downright convenient.

Check back soon for an in depth look at Born To Metalize. And then I'll see about having Jessie over and we'll actually listen to both albums. We must decide once and for all who has the more awful example of early Heavy Metal at it's delightful worst.


Dakota said...

Ah ah, Ah ah, Ah ah, Ah ah, I really want to hear that amazing stuff (both, of course !!!) Please, a link, a link !!!!!!!

KLJ said...

Soon, I promise, we'll have some MP3s up from both albums.

Puck Goodliffe said...

Yes, I will need an mp3 of that song to ensure it will be proper for my
friend's son's bar mitzvah. The lyrics are certainly encouraging.

Anonymous said...

seriously? these albums are classics!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'd buy that Infernal Majesty LP off of you if it's in decent condition. $10? Email me at

KLJ said...

Ten Dollars!
Man, this record defines Jessie as a person. He'd part with it if you sent him your middle finger, severed and bloody, MAYBE.

Infernal Majesty said...

None Shall Defy is one of the all-time greatest thrash albums ever recorded.

Anonymous said...

Infernal Majesty is fucken badass canadian blackened thrash metal. You don't know shit about how awesome they are!

Anonymous said...

Just kill yourself. You fail at metal.

Anonymous said...

Way to display your ignorance. This album is utterly amazing. Just because you can't recognize this doesn't mean that its an awful album. Instead of taking pictures of it why don't you try giving it a spin. You have a huge rarity right there, I don't know what I wouldn't do to get that LP

Jan Werthwein said...

This is actually an awesome album. Just look up reviews. (other than this one)

Jan Werth said...

It really is.