Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Have a Happy Period

DeAnn, whose collection the Molotov Cocktail came from, sent us this. Personally, I'm stoked to finally know some French I can use! DeAnn writes:

The peel-off strip for Always Ultra pad "wings" adhesive strip advising it's users to "Have a Happy Period".
The phrasing of it kind of reminds me of when someone you don't know passes you on the street and tells you to "smile".
And I wonder what phrases didn't make the cut at the product packaging conference meeting...

"Please do enjoy your menstrual cycle".

"Thanks for flying with Always with Wings!"

Looks like others have their own thing to say about this:

From someone on Craigslist PA (it made the "Best of" section).
"You can even send an e-card from the Always website to your menstruating friends to cheer them up (or something)! So not only do they get your name and email address, but your friends and approximate date of period also. I wonder who actually uses this, it's not like we generally have OTR radar or anything and I don't go around asking who's got the bleeding going on."

Have a Happy Period E-Card
. There are four different ones you can select from.

I wish I was making this stuff up, but this is sadly real (and awful) marketing.

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Horace Rumpole said...

They totally stole that idea from Kryten:

Anonymous said...

Have a happy period. Are you kidding me? Why don't they have a joyous root canal! If the advertising slogan exec who came up with that little gem is a woman, P&G needs to do us all a favor and kill her now - she doesn't deserve to belong to the sisterhood. If it's a man, I'm not surprised. I'm sure he's out there at this moment campaigning for effervescent mammograms and hallelujah pap smears. Total idiots. In the meantime, I hope they have a titilating prostate exam!

KLJ said...

Yay. Great response anon.

Anonymous said...

lol! ANon! It'd be like a doctor in the hospital tells you, 'be happy - you only have cancer in your lungs. It might spread to your mouth soon though - but I'd still be happy!'
Yeah, right, happy period! That's a total lie . . .