Friday, April 6, 2007

Tampon Easter Bunny

We do like to get into the holiday spirit here at and what holiday is more ripe for our purposes than Easter; a Pagan holiday co-opted by Christians that they might celebrate the resurection of their savior with chocolate eggs laid by a bunny?!?

And what better way to celebrate an already tremendously odd holiday than with an Easter Bunny made of tampons and tampon applicators?

Visit for full easy to follow instructions, with pictures. While you're there check out the other great things you can make with fresh unused tampons. The last part of that sentence is real important okay?

Watch for more Easter Goodness over the next two days.
And for more on the absurdity of Easter check out this great Eddie Izzard clip at


Bobby said...

I'm not sure what kind of tampons those whiskers are made of, but that's one brave woman that uses those.

Mattie said...

"Fresh unused tampons" are so boring.