Sunday, April 1, 2007

Hitler Pezz Dispenser

Brett is now in first place. He already gave me the anatomically correct pegacorns, but now, with this one, well, It'll be quite some time before I find anything nearly as awful.

World War II brought us so much great awful, but not much beats Hitler themed toys, cartoons, and candy dispensers!!!
Yes, candy dispensers.

Hitler you see, made us think less of millions of slaughtered Jews and more of a Darth Vader type, universally recognized bad guy. The dude we loved to hate. Daffy Duck hated him, and if you did too, why not snap his head back and get a sweet treat as a reward.

Pezz does not feature this in their catalogue and will deny it's existence, just as they deny the even more offensive Nicole Simpson dispenser (works best with Red pezz.)

April 2nd Update: I will reluctantly invite you all to examine the date of this post. :)
And then click here for some source information.


KLJ said...

Good job on the photoshop there Brett. Folks on my myspace page were actually buying it. Ha ha.

rubberpaw said...

There is one obvious response to this. The Winston Churchill Beer Stein Toby Jug